Anchoring and Mooring

When not underway, its nice to know that your boat is exactly where you left her.

With this in mind, I put a lot of thought and effort in readying my mooring and anchoring systems to the net effect of keeping Velella in one place. 

She currently rests on a 250 pound mushroom anchor with over 50 feet of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch chain connected by a swivel and held to the surface by a polycarbonate ball  letter and coded Velella B58, her designation in the Laurel Hallow mooring field. 

Anchoring is made easy with her oversized haus pipe, 30 feet of 5/16 inch chain with a double jaw SS swivel attached to a simple plow donated to the boat by a former dockage client at Cutchogue Harbor Marina.