Detailing Velella

After three years resting on the hard at Albertson's Marine, Velella was ready for a good scrubbing.

The Central American boys of East Bay Marine happened to be on property at CHM the day I arrived with Velella under tow with the shipyard launch.

I didnt even negotiate the price with Jamie, but rather gave the boat a quick washdown myself to faciliate the completion of the detail before dark.

As the boys of East Bay finished up there respective jobs at the marina, they all converged aboard Velella (5 of them on deck at times) in a dance of detail. 

Three buffers, 10 hands, compound, followed by a 2nd washdown, and then a hand waxing left Velella looking brand new.


All the lockers were opened and contents removed and were cleaned and detailed as well.

I ended up paying a reduced fee of $200 for their efforts and ended up tipping them $10 each ($50 in all as my crew of five did a fine job!)