First Delivery

As Velella was ready launch, I needed a means to transport her from Southold to Cutchogue (preferably over water and preferably without having to be aboard her).  That left one option.  

A tow.

Mike Irving, the shipyard manager at NSSY came through when he offered me the company workboat, a center console Shamrock with a Diesel kicker and ample power and fuel to get the job done. 

After initially hiptowing the boat out of the narrow channel between port of Egypt and the barrier island that protects the marina, I let Velella fall 100 yards astern the tow boat (with tiller locked in center of course) and proceeded South then due West at 4 knots for the next 2 hours. 

Mother nature cooperated beauftifully with a near calm state the entire morning from departure to delivery to the CHM fuel dock.

Velella was wet and ready for cleaning.  For more on this step reference the website link ... The detail of velella.