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Dear CSH Yachtsmen,

I wanted to keep my clients appraised of the work being completed with photos and descriptions.

My feeling was that if I could demonstrate my work habits, professionalism, and timeliness to new clients, my business would grow and thrive.

The blog that follows includes detailed descriptions of the work completed on your vessel in Cold Spring Harbor.

Please take the time to comment on the posts referencing your vessel if you could.


Adam Waywell

Clean Marine Yacht Services

2016 end of season

Down to 5 boats combined with the loss of base of operation and a stolen dink engine ... merits closing down CMYS at CSHBC

Tim gokeys nocturne  

Tim gokeys nocturne  

My favorite bottom to clean

Cygnus ... largest boat in the fleet

Cygnus ... largest boat in the fleet

My last cleaning of the season was cygnus' bottom

swap velella mooring for ranee cleaning

swap velella mooring for ranee cleaning

A fine sail barter arrangement. 

2015 CMYS first charter of season

My good friend Sean who owns a 35 beneteau asked me to assist as captai/crew aboard his vessel ONE DAY to accompany him to CT on a small Charter.

From Bath Club to Greenwich CT took about 1.25 hours in calm winds with a smooth sound.

We made it back to mooring in CSH by 10 PM and was compensated generously. 




At the helm


Our destination


Off Greenwich Point on chartplotter


Our Motley crew...


nicest vessel in the CSHBC fleet


off laurel hallow

Trudy gets some attention

with a unique rubrail, trim tabs, and swim platform, Trudy takes some effort to bottom service


oscar's baby


overboard discharge outlets all clean


Hard to get at but still looking good

even velella gets some love from CMYS

After bottom cleaning Trudy and Arcturus, i swam round velella's waterline with FSR fiberglass cleaner with good results


End of workday on velella


thanks to CMYS ... Velella has seen numerous upgrades and improvements

S/V Nocturne

varnish touch up begins with 3m silver tape, greenie scuff pads, acetone wipe ... and 3 coats of epifanes gloss with 5 percent thinner


Aft handrail




dorade box

Service vessel

The Dyer Dhow, Bariki, has been a godsend this season.  

loaded down with brushes, scrapers, dive gear, and yours truly, she motors over to the beach club twice a month to service the fleet


Attached to skip jack with reg hose over the side


Loaded down with tank, reg, dive gear, and fuel can


powered by a honda 2 hp four stroke , Bariki moves like a champ.  brushes a plenty


Getting it done CMYS style.

Bottom Service

Regular maintenance and bottom cleanings has been a standard at Clean marine this summer.  My 12 vessels at the beach club are serviced bi-monthly.

Waterline is addressed, props, struts, shafts, keels, rudder, and bottom receive thorough cleanings and the results are apparent.


Waterline is white and shining.


FSR stain remover does the trick on Zest's boot stripe.


Skipjack is a true daysailor and a breeze to clean with no exposed running gear


Transducer for Speedo on Osprey looks nearly new after cleaning


Feathering prop on Zest cleans up nicely.

Velella is a good client of CMYS

This is back in 2011 when I first purchased Velella.  The finish on her topsides was so far gone, that a swipe of a hand pulled off a chalky white residue.  After some Aqua Buff 2000 cut with some Meguirras oxidation remover and cleaner wax, the finish came back like new.

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Tools of the Trade

in the marine field, you can never have enough equipment, supplies, tools, and parts on hand.  At CSHBC, all the boats we service are on moorings and only accessible by launch. As a result, better to bring everything, than to be looking for a marine fastner or drill bit thats back ashore in the trunk of your service vehicle!


Boat bag with everything possible. plastic storage bins with parts, stainless hardware, and drill bits are a big plus as well.

Battery Selector Switch Install

at 0630 hours this am, i boarded whimsey at the CSHBC via a ride on the launch to replace a defective battery selector switch.

steps involved included....

one.  remove terminal leads from main batts

two.  label/color code all wires on switch with electrical tape

three. remove all wiring and reattach to new switch per color code

four.  remount switch and bundle all wires

five.  replace mains (red/hot) to battery terminals. 

six.  cross your fingers and test new switch

All good on this install at 1.3 hours labor at 75/ hour plus parts.









all wires are taped with colored electrical tape


terminals are color coded as well to match wiring 


all leads properly attached


new switch installation complete

This boat is owned by Clean Marine

The best part of Clean Marine Yacht Services is that the owner of the company is also a boat owner.  Velella (pictured) is a 1977 Cape Dory 25 footer that has been maintained in ship shape and Bristol fashion.

In addition, Adam, has been a licensed USCG 100 ton sail endorsed captain since 1995.

"Owning a boat has been a lifelong passion of mine and Velella is one of two boats I currently own.  When one owns a boat, it allows understanding of the needs of the boating consumer.  With this understanding, CMYS is the choice in the marine service industry."

                                                                - Adam Waywell, Clean Marine owner/staff


Velella rests on her mooring on the edge of Cold Spring Harbor in Laurel Hallow.

MV Wawepex

A fully restored 31 foot Bertram moored just off the CSHBC.

Each spring and fall, Wawepex undergoes a full detail including compound/wax from stem to stern. 

The commitment to maintain this Bertram's finish is a testament to the dedication of the detail company hired by the owner. 

That marine service company is Clean Marine Yacht Services


gold flecked lettering on transom and teak swim platform



Safely operated and secured to the dock with bow, bow spring, and cross tied stern line plus properly secured fenders is all standard at Clean Marine.


A final wash down to remove the contributions of local water fowl and residue remaining from compound/wax.

SV Nocturne

Moored at CSHBC, this 40 plus footer is looked after by Pete Hopkinson of Clean Marine Yacht Services.

After being dropped aboard via boathouse Al on the launch, Pete spent 2 plus hours undoing the damage of a couple of birds managed to leave behind in only a few minutes. 

Mess cleaned up quickly and timely.  Thanks to Pete for getting it done.


Last minute look over to ensure Nocturne is good to go.


With bucket and backpack, Pete readies to board the launch , captained by the blog author, Adam.


Dorade Vents polished and like new


Cockpit area and all decks cleaned and detailed.

First Posting

The goal of this blog is to keep the customer base as well as future clientele aware of the ongoing commitment to excellence in service, timely response, and consistency.

My hope is that Clean Marine becomes the primary choice for service in the marine needs of the Cold Spring Harbor Yachtsman.


Lead by example.  I care for each of my clients vessels as if they were my own, Velella.