The S/V Velella

The sailing vessel Velella is a 25 foot Cape Dory.  Built for strong winds and heavy seas, she is also a pleasure to sail in smooth winds and calmer waters.  Come join Velella under sail.

 Wind + Water = Sailing.  Time to get underway.


Where and When to Sail?

The sailing season begins on May 1st and continues through the late September.  Winds tend to be be favorable in the spring and fall, and quite calm in summer months.  Click below to learn more...

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The vessel.

Velella is a twenty-five foot sailing boat built in 1977.  She was designed for heavy weather and stronger winds and seas.  The combination of stability and seaworthniess makes her a fine choice for sailing the harbor and sound.


The vessel

The captain.

 Adam Waywell is a waterman.  His ocean activities include Windsurfing, Snorkeling, Cruising, and Swimming.  Earning his Coast Guard license with sailing endorsement in 1995, Adam has been sailing professionally aboard catamarans, cruiseships, and cattleboats (high volume tour boats) for almost 20 years.  More on the captain....

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