Velella - The day I met her.

Sitting on the hard at Albertson's Marine on a cloudy spring day, "Arianne" called out to me.  As I drove past the yard, my head turned to the rear view mirror, the brakes were engaged, and a U-turn commenced.

I parked my truck alongside her stern and climbed aboard.  Despite being locked and sealed for two full seasons of missed sailing, the boat was fresh, dry, and without mildew below decks.  The layout of the cabin, the rustic teak veneer, the dated lights and curtains, and the rusty toolbox with assorted fastners would all have to be changed.   

I was undeterred. 

I jotted down the cell number on the For Sale sign and spoke with David Air of Orient point who invited me to his garage barn to inspect sails, engine, and hardware.

As I drove out to the end of the North Fork of Long Island, I had already named her .... Velella.