Winter Storage 2012/2013

In 2012 I departed my job title as Dockmaster at CHM and without the connections to NSSY and the yard, I was without boat storage for the first time since owning Velella.

I figured the best place to leave the boat was where I found it.  Alberston's Marine in Southold was generous in charging me a reduced rate for winter storage, in addition to allowing me the use of the in water dockage until I was ready to haul in late November. 

In the spring, the yard manager was also nice enough to take ownership of my dockbox in trade for two coats of premium grade bottom paint.  

During the winter months, I visited the boat on numerous occasion and opted to undergo a bottom job that included removing old paint here and there and filling and fairing the low areas.  

Utilized Interlux 2000 bottom boat in so many areas, that the boat looked like it had a bad case of the blisters with so many patches covered in white.  When it was time to take bottom paint, the bottom was prepped as good as it gets.